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flickchart great site to movie lovers!

Great adictive site to movie lovers, in “flickchart” you have to vote between two movies, wich is the best to you. In  base of your votes, flickchart make a list in order of your favorites movies, also shows you a list with your haven’t  seen movies and an interesting data, the time that you spent watching movies.
You can add people as friend, leave comments and some more stuff
So it’s a great and fun site!


FileHippo.com – the best way to keep your software updated!

FileHippo is a simple and powerfull site where you’ll find the lastest updates of any software. Also you can download and install the “Update Checker” and it will automatically check for updates your installed software.

ClipGrab best app to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion

I thought that the best app to download videos form YouTube was “Youtube Downloader HD” but today accidentaly i found this so much better app “ClipGrab” you can download videos in all the qualities, including FullHD (1080p) from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion with the option to convert the video in many formats like  MPEG, WMV, OGG and MP3 if you only want the audio.
The great feature compared with “Youtube Downloader HD” is that you can download many videos at the same time, and when you copy the link of the video, it is automaticly captured, scaned and gives you the diferents supported qualities. Also i think it have a better design.
ClipGrab is a free software and open source code. Available to Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.